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With the vintage 1980, will be 30 years we produce only brunello

So we create website page, Facebook page and communication campaign named 198o-2010, only Brunello for 30 years

Our press release

An important milestone that ranks among the historical companies of the denomination: 30 years of production of Brunello of Montalcino. The Marroneto of Alessandro Mori, in fact, with the 2010 vintage- due out this year, that will be presented at a preview in February- has reached three decades of production.

«A particularly exciting year the one that has just started – says Alessandro -. My first label was in 1980 and today, after 30 years, The Marroneto has grown without abandoning the initial spirit intended to produce a Brunello that spoke the language of this territory and of Montalcino. Personally, I grew up with my wines and this is certainly an important milestone».

To “celebrate” this appointment, the company has coined a campaign named “1980-2010. Only Brunello for 30 years” that it will characterize the communication of the Marroneto this year and see The Brunello as a protagonist beginning from the next Preview in February.

From the point of view of communication 2.0, The Company has already created the new site, online for some months, with a page dedicated to the 30 years that will be expanded with old photos and memories of all the friends of The Marroneto, as the page devoted on the Facebook profile. The inside of the cantina will be inaugurated, in February, a small photographic “exhibition” that will retrace the history of the company.

In occasion of the Brunello preview, moreover, there will also be a video presented realizing the first three decades, starring Alessandro and showing the philosophy that characterized the company.