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The story of Il Marroneto begins in 1974, in two small rooms in a historical building dated in 1246. An ancient dryer for chestnuts, where the Mori family starts, a little ‘for fun and a bit’ for passion, to produce the Brunello. Few bottles, the purpose of which was to translate into scents and flavors that culture of “making wine”, that still was not the prerogative of a business, but only an expression of a land, a tradition and a wonderfully generous nature. That’s when “play with wine” becomes more than a game: a deep passion, a common thread that guides the choices of Alessandro. Who decides, in the 90s, to expand the cellar of Il Marroneto, realizing that idea that shies away from logic dictated by aesthetics tout-court but that binds tightly to those principles, in fact very simple and immediate, that “good practice” of making wine requires.

A large and austere environment, inserted into a stony slope, guards on the inside large oak barrels from Allier and Slavonia, where Brunelli wines from Il Marroneto seasoned patiently and a little heart, hidden in the depths, where the historical bottles are waiting patiently the passing of time.